• Oferta PCS

    PCS Controllers are modern, fully computerized pool control systems that enable comprehensive pool automation, and precise control of water parameters. These controllers are built with quality, attractive styling, flexibility and ease of use in mind

    The innovative design is further enhanced by the Internet monitoring and control capabilities. Innovative design, quality, flexibility the first systems designed and manufactured in Poland. Innovative design: remote control of the water properties over the internet, automatic, no user intervention.

  • Elastycznośc oferowanej funkcjonalości

    Our controllers are built based on a flexible software platform that allows for customization and an on-demand activation of required features of the product

    This important quality coupled with the modular software & hardware architecture ensures that our solutions are cost effective can fully support required functionality.

  • Nowatorskie rozwiązania graficzne interfejsu użytkownika

    Touch-screen (8”) LCD monitor is one of the highlights of our controllers

    his design delivers a modern and intuitive graphical interface that today’s customers demand. This very well crafted GUI not only displays current status of the system, but also can help to quickly diagnose and understand operations of the pool.

  • Zdalne monitorowanie urządenia i raportowanie

    Our controllers make the remote control and monitoring of the pool possible

    Operational parameters of a pool can be monitored and adjusted in real time over the Internet. In addition to the real-time data, historical reports can be viewed for maintenance or diagnostic purposes. This, in many cases, helps with fine tuning of pool equipment, and ensures more efficient use of pool care products.

  • Pełna automatyzacja obsługi wszystkich urządzeń technologicznych w instalacji basenowej

    All standard systems supporting a pool (pumps, heaters, valves, sensors, lights, etc.) can be controlled and monitored by our controller products

    Support for additional and currently unsupported equipment can be easily added if necessary. We can introduce these cost effective and high quality customizations into our product because of the modular architecture of our software & hardware platform, our extensive knowledge of pool operations, and the rigorous product implementation lifecycle that we employ in the process.

Main features of the controllers

  • pH control and chemicals dosing
  • ORP(Redox) control and chlorine dosing
  • FCL control and chlorine dosing
  • temperature control
  • flow control
  • level control in chemical supply tanks
  • filter/pump control
  • system control and monitoring over the Internet via an Ethernet port
  • real-time and historical reports
  • real-time and historical graphs

Optional features:

  • pool water level control
  • system control and monitoring over the Internet via a wireless connection