Our remote monitoring and alerting service (FAST) is our signature product that can provide our customers with benefits unmatched by any service available on the market today. It provides convenience, increased safety, optimal operations, peace of mind, and at the same time lowers total cost of ownership of the pool for our customers. It guarantees constant control of the operational parameters of a swimming pool. Our FAST service is built around of a 5 phase process:

  1. We gather real-time water parameters and technical conditions of a pool. This data is securely and automatically collected over the Internet, and it is stored on our monitoring servers in our data center.
  2. We build a data model of your swimming pool that serves as a base-line for our analyses and alerts.
  3. We track minute to minute changes, and analyze anomalies or unexpected changes.
  4. We act on the results, notify you about any potential alarm conditions, work with your pool maintenance company to correct issues.
  5. We implement or recommend improvements to avoid future reoccurrences of an undesired condition.

FAST benefits to our customers:

  • Increased safety: our experts monitor your pool parameters 24 hours per day to ensure that water conditions are at the optimal and safe levels.
  • Convenience: our customers can enjoy luxury of their pool instead of worrying about its day to day maintenance.
  • Cost savings: this service can lower a total cost of ownership (TCO) of a swimming pool. Our customers gain access to an expert help for a fraction of costs of hiring highly qualified on-site maintenance technician(s). On-site help becomes only necessary to correct physical and serious malfunctions of a pool.
  • Conservation of chemicals and other pool care products: our technology will help to ensure that your pool is operating at optimal levels, which will conserve use of pool care products, extend life of pool equipment, and conserve energy. We estimate that these savings alone can pay for our FAST service.
  • Uninterrupted operations of a swimming pool: in many cases our experts can proactively discover potential issues in very early stages, and may be able to correct them before they become problems. This helps to ensure that your pool constantly is in service, and running at optimal conditions.
  • Compliance with safety laws or codes: real-time and historical reports can become an invaluable tool in documenting that a pool is operating within acceptable water safety parameters
  • Access to expert help: Our customers gain access to our experienced and highly qualified experts of the pool technologies, who can quickly diagnose problems, and provide valuable advice.

We have estimated that all mentioned savings, speak in favour of our remote monitoring and alerting service.